New Formulation

Soak up the benefits with Persil Longer Lasting washing-up liquid

Everyone wants their household budget to stretch further. Which is why the smart people at our laboratory have come up with a new longer lasting Persil formula. It's rigorously tested and scientifically proven so that for every bottle used, you can get an extra 1,400 plates sparkling clean.With improved performance, longer lasting bubbles and a range of vibrant colours to suit any kitchen, these are bottles which are simply bursting with fragrance.


More sparkle, less effort

In the long run, not only will you be spending less money on washing-up, but thanks to the new proven, powerful and harder-working formula, you’ll also be spending less time. You’ve got enough on your plate to have to worry about cleaning plates, pot and pans. Put Persil to the test and the results will be sparkling.

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